White Trash-Review by MetalEyes

13 Jun

White Trash-Review by MetalEyes


Score: 7.5/10
Nu metal is a strange genre, which has appeared almost out of nothing, although its harbingers there for some time: it seems dead but always manages to refocus somewhere, albeit not in the mainstream.

This time the nu metal, or perhaps better rapcore in this case, brings us to Israel, a country that musically reserves many surprises and HotBox are definitely one of these. Their sound is sinuous, beautiful powerful and decisive, with beautiful funky turns, which open the way to guitars in pure rapcore style. The boys begin to make music in 2012 in the cities of Arad and Beer Sheva, making a name soon in the Israeli underground that is very alive and has a great passion for hip hop. Listening to White Trash, you immediately realize that these Israelis have a flow and a very different step than the majority of the groups rapcore. Their music seems to bounce, with a continuous and incessant groove, driven by a really powerful bass and that structure all their compositions. The pieces of this EP are a great tour ticket for this group that has a lot of fun and that sounds really interesting. Sorry this is just an EP, but think again better so because a limited work like this is even more disruptive. HotBox have many sound solutions and also possess a politically incorrect hardcore attitude that is an added value. If you are looking for a nice rapcore nu metal disc, fun, direct and that guarantees many plays you have found the right title. The Israeli boys manage to change register with ease and are always in control and especially make music with the heart, and they have a big heart. With a record so the defeat does not exist.
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