Metallist Magazine review of HotBox show at the Gagrin club TLV

06 Feb

Brain Wash -Show review                      
 Magen, Hammer Drill ו-Hot Box                  
Writer: Matan Kedar  
Photography: Yair Abelson  

The band catches the stage with the ski masks on the head and the bandanas that cover the mouth, a kind of gangster Look that I like so much. The first thing I notice about the stage is the equipment. From a quick glance each player plays on the equipment of about 20 thousand shekels, something you wouldn't expect from such a young group that plays a style like rap-metal. To tell the Truth? From the moment I first heard the bass I fell in love. I wouldn't exaggerate if I said that Bass sound was the best I ever heard in our country. The investment in the equipment is evident in the young group some of the most unique and highly exclusive energy translated directly into the band's production.

The band opens with the song Come on with the Come on that immediately picks up the crowds in the air, a number of people start stomping and fogo, one even really climbs the walls, people send fists to each direction and only a miracle no one was hurt. It is not easy to go up on the stage after two bands and succeed in making the audience so frenetic, but the HotBox succeed at the peak of nature. In fact, the only thing that is not perfect in performing the band is my difficulty in understanding what the vocalist sings in parts where a particularly rapid rap is made. Other songs like Rap guillotine and Big bag Johnny make me wonder how slimmer I was if I had the energy that the audience had, or at least a guitarist that runs between the crowd at record speed while playing on 7 strings. The highlight of the show in My Eyes was the song Pimp the system to which he joined the crowd and sang with the band.

I think Hotbox is among the few bands that you can say that they take themselves seriously enough, investing in a band is enough, and ultimately creating a product for me can be labeled "international". Assuming and the band will continue in the same direction and in the same investment, I have no doubt that she will come to show up in front of a large audience abroad. And for anyone who's interested, word is that next week they start recording an album.

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