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White Trash-Review by MetalEyes

Review of WhiteTrash by MetalEyes from Italy

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Lil Vega$ festival 18.5.18

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Metalist Magazine - Wacken semi finals review

חצי גמר תחרות וואקן ,תקציר להקות העולות לשלב הבאה .

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HotBox Record Signing

HotBox Sighning announcment with "Zombie Shark Records"

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HotBox – Not quite what you think.

We are HotBox, an Israeli Hardcore Hip-Hop/ Rap Metal band based in the south district of Israel. We formed in 2013 . We did our own line of underground street shows across the country. In 2015 we went on tour through a European booking label called “Hammer and tongs”. After coming back we started doing our own open-air style festival called Roadkill that we did for a few years.
Between 2016 and 2017 we took part in more than 150 shows in different venues and festivals in support of our first E.P release.
We released our first video clip "Rap Guillotine" after which we were offered a record publishing deal for our album “White Trash” from “Zombie Shark Records“, with the signing we released two more video clips - “Big Bag Johnny” and "Shellshock."
We performed three times at one of the biggest venues in Israel - "The Barby" , one of them was opening for "Betzefer” and at the "InDnegev" fest. We released a new single called “Boom”, and now we’re working on recording and releasing a full album.
We are a very D.I.Y oriented band, and we will go to any lengths to get the job done.