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White Trash-Review by MetalEyes

Review of WhiteTrash by MetalEyes from Italy

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Lil Vega$ festival 18.5.18

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Metalist Magazine - Wacken semi finals review

חצי גמר תחרות וואקן ,תקציר להקות העולות לשלב הבאה .

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HotBox Record Signing

HotBox Sighning announcment with "Zombie Shark Records"

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Past Events

Title Date Location
BETZEFER ★ 20 years ★ Barby ★1/8/18 01 Aug 2018 דרך קיבוץ 52, Gesher HaZiv, Israel
HotBox & Vandaliso Keep The Wolves Outside MAXAN 7 21 Jun 2018 Mordei hagitaot 7, Beersheba
Wacken Metal Battle Israel. 24 May 2018 הרכב 13 Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Israel 62595
Lil' Vega$ 18 May 2018 קיבוץ טללים, ישראל
Horfest 05 Apr 2018 זאב גלר 29, כפר סבא, ישראל
Breaking the Shevrolet! 26 Mar 2018 המנור 9, חולון, ישראל
Rock Purim 2018 02 Mar 2018 Pub 40, Kibbutz Tlalim
FTW Purim Party 23 Feb 2018 HaMelacha 13, באר שבע, ישראל
HerBalista BD Fest 17 Feb 2018 Shlomo HaMelech 46, תל אביב יפו, ישראל
BrainWash 26 Jan 2018 Gagarin Club


HotBox – Not quite what you think.

HotBox is an Israeli nu metal/ rap metal band based in the south district of Israel.  Formed in 2013 after drummer Skinny and and bassist 6Pack decided to start a new band after their last band disbanded, starting with a fresh style of the bands that inspired them to get into music in the first place. After writing some raw material together, guitarist Flippa joined the band and on was the search to find a rapper that could fuse the metal and rap together. The trio met Vocalist Cise2, had a tryout rehersal together and there they knew they had something. The next 3 years we're relatively quiet with no real work done, with the Vocalist in jail for a year, guitarist and bassist serving in the IDF in combat oriented units, except for recording a demo and doing several shows across Israel. In 2015 the Vocalist was finally released, and the band could start performing, but didn't have money to pay clubs for booking the shows, so they used their saving to buy an old van, bought all the equipment needed, and started their own line of underground street shows. Countless shows in, with the experience they had, they decided to make their own festival, Roadkill Fest which took place in a farm in the middle of the desert in 2016. 2017 was the year the band really started to make moves and connections, with all members now released from the army and all other liabilities, they recorded their E.P "White Trash" and started performing countless shows all over the country. On from there was the second round of the Roadkill Fest, shooting a video clip for their song "Rap Guillotine" and now working on their next releases and pre-recording of a new album.